Airgon's technology can contribute to achieving net zero

London Loves Business recently looked at the impact of the cost of living and inflation on efforts to attain Net Zero.

In the article, they found:

  1. Councils play a pivotal role in achieving net zero emissions by 2050 due to their influence over major policy areas like housing, transport, and health. They can align actions with local community needs and build partnerships to effect behavior change in areas like energy use and transport.

  2. Despite the importance of local action, challenges like the cost of living crisis and public disagreements on policies like the Ultra Low Emissions Zone are distracting and weakening councils' efforts towards net zero. These challenges risk overshadowing the climate emergency and diluting the focus on emissions reduction.

  3. Achieving net zero at the local level requires a democratic approach. This means incorporating a wide range of views, building trust within communities, and fostering shared understanding. By working democratically, councils can ensure that the transition to net zero is both just and fair for all residents.

Charles Ross, the inventor of Airgon agrees and has said:

The cost of living is now becoming a major issue for millions of homes across the UK, and seemingly there is a conflict between affordable living and the net zero emissions target.

At Airgon we see no conflict as our technology not only assists living costs by reducing heating bills but contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Both the cost of energy for heating and carbon emission can be permanently slashed by up to 20% for a one time cost of £250.

Local authorities need to be contacting us and discussing seriously how we can help millions of homes and business using our solutions that pay for themselves from savings in literally just a few months.

If you want to find out how much you could save with an Airgon, use our exclusive savings calculator.
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