Airgon - the fastest and simplest way to cut heating bills

Save up to 20% / £650 per year - every year.

Save 10% on your energy bills or get your money back

Reduce heating bills by up to 20%

Works with ALL wet heating systems

No more unplanned maintenance

Prolong the life of the boiler

Reduce heating bills by up to 20%

Works with ALL wet heating systems

No more unplanned maintenance

Prolong the life of the boiler

Energy Calculator

How much do you spend on gas each month - divide your annual bill by 12, and enter the amount below


17% average savings per year

892 KgCO2

saved by using Airgon

Your payback

Based on your monthly spend on heating

7.32 months

Based upon an annual saving of 17%

*Savings are calculated based on information from Ofgem, BG and Airgon performance data. 17% is used as an average figure and could be more or less.

Energy calculator

How much can I save with Airgon?

Airgon is scientifically proven to improve thermal transfer from the radiators by 15.47% on new systems and up to a massive 31.0% on aged systems.

Use the calculator to work out how much you could save with Airgon. Airgon pays for itself from savings quickly, and if you spread the payments with Klarna it's even easier to save money and cut carbon emissions

P&M Gilmour. Manchester. Measured two months so far against last two years as per instructions, and there has been saving over 20% so I don’t know if it’s me? but the boiler is working properly again and had to turn down the TRV’s really pleased J

P&M Gilmour. Manchester.

Noticed the difference with 24 hours and no more noise in pipes.

P Dobrinska: Cheshire.

Difficult to measure savings as I don’t have 2 years billing but definite changes in heat output and underfloor heating has started working again which I had given up on.

PLB: Grange over Sands.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. The age of the boiler isn't important. Airgon will improve system efficiency and return the entire heating system back to optimum levels

No. Your current radiators are fine, but if your system has a lot of magnetite (sludge) build up we would recommend flushing it first.

A plumber (who doesn't have to be gas safe approved to fit Airgon) will probably need between 20 and 30 minutes. You can fit it yourself if you're confident but please follow the instructions carefully.

Airgon contributes to energy efficiency but an EPC rating is an overall assessment of the entire building. No single energy saving measure reduces EPC.

How it works

How does Airgon work?

Airgon works by ensuring that your heating system doesn’t waste energy, by reversing deterioration caused by the air entrained in the system’s water. Airgon prevents cold spots from hindering your radiators from fully delivering heat into the room. This results in more heat for less fuel. typically saving 15-20% EACH YEAR.

  1. 1

    As the water enters the Airgon the via the inlet, it swirls into a vortex within the chamber.

  2. 2

    This creates a difference in pressure which encourages the entrained air and gasses in the water to leave.

  3. 3

    As the water reaches the outlet of the Airgon the action of the vortex increases and the bubbles of air rise upwards.

  4. 4

    These bubbles are collected and released from the system through the one-way air vent.

  5. 5

    The water is drawn out through the outflow to continue around the system but will now not cause cold spots in radiators and sludge cannot form - and the cycle continues.

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