Airgon feature in TÜV SÜD Case Study

Airgon feature in TÜV SÜD Case Study

Airgon was recently featured as a case study TÜV SÜD’s website after we engaged with them to model the performance of an Airgon on wet heating systems. This exercise was vital to give customers confidence that our product had been independently assessed. Airgon state that their device can save over 20% on your heating bills, and is guaranteed to save a minimum of 10%.

TÜV SÜD: A Brief Overview

TÜV SÜD is a globally acclaimed technical service organisation headquartered in Germany. . Today, they offer a broad spectrum of services, including testing, inspection, certification, and advisory functions. They are a trusted partner of choice, adding value to customers and partners by enabling market access and managing risks, thereby creating a safer and sustainable future.

In the UK, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory is the UK’s Designated Institute for Flow Measurement, at the forefront of flow and density measurement research, with an extensive range of facilities and digital services.

Objectives and findings

We wanted to demonstrate that Airgon is as good as we claim, and the objectives of working with TÜV SÜD were:

  • Objective Evaluation: We wanted an impartial assessment from a world renowned authority to provide an objective and impartial assessment.
  • Scientific Understanding: TÜV SÜD's CFD analysis offered Airgon insights into the scientific effectiveness of their device.
  • Building Credibility: The impartial testing by a reputable, independent laboratory like TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory means the results can be trusted. By choosing to partner with them shows Airgon's commitment the quality of its products.
  • Efficiency Analysis: Dr. Lefki Germanou, a computational fluid dynamics consultant, determined the Airgon unit's performance across varied water flow rates and bubble sizes.
  • Practical Results: Models showcased how air bubbles moved within the unit, providing insights into its operational effectiveness.

What were the outcomes?

The outcomes are clear for Airgon. It is a fantastic product to help reduce heating costs. Furthermore, there's an indication that the savings that can be created could help Airgon qualify for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) points.  

If you would like to read the case study on TÜV SÜD's website, you can do so here, and you can use this link to order your Airgon.

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